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Dataran Merdeka Heritage Tour

Lama dah k. mid rasa tak update blog nie...rindu rasanya.
Nak buat macamana....terkejar-kejar masa sekarang nie...nak jadi TG lah pulak...untuk dapatkan lesen TG.. .(kalau sesiapa yang tak tahu TG tue...Tourist Guide) jadi terpaksalah k. mid bertungkus-lumus sedikit selama beberapa bulan nie....siapkan assignment ....hadiri tutorial...kerja lagi...pukul 11.00 malam baru sampai rumah....demi cita-cita.... dan dah boring kerja kat office.....

Oklah,  k mid nak cerita sikit ....baru-baru nie kak mid berkesempatan mengikuti Kuala Lumpur City Tour yang di anjurkan oleh Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur....Tour nie setengah hari aje... lecturer k mid yang dapat assignment ini, jadi dia ajaklah student-student ikut sekali .Sempena tahun melawat Malaysia 2014,  DBKL menganjurkan tour free pada sesiapa yang berminat tak kiralah pelancong dalam negeri atau luar negeri untuk mengikuti tour ini.  Ianya bermula di KL Galeri Dataran Merdeka hingga Royal Selangor Club. Biasanya setiap hari Sabtu, Isnin dan Rabu setiap minggu ada seorang TG yang dilantik oleh DBKL untuk membawa pelancong ke tempat -tempat bersejarah sekitar Dataran Merdeka.  Tour ini mengambil masa kira-kira 3 - 4 jam. Inilah salah satu inisetif  DBKL untuk mempromosi Kuala Lumpur sempena Tahun melawat Malaysia 2014.

Dataran Merdeka Guide Map

Perjalanan bermula di Galeri Kuala Lumpur.
Serba sedikit info mengenai Galeri Kuala Lumpur .

"Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is one of KL's newest tourist attractions. 
It is owned by ARCH, a Malaysian commercial concern which makes and sells 3D wooden pictures and models of famous landmarks from around the world and other gifts and collectables.
The gallery is housed in the 115 year old former Government Printing Office, one of KL's finest heritage buildings located on Merdeka Square.
ARCH deserves credit for doing a good job in helping to preserve Malaysia's heritage, in particular with the creative use of this historic building."
KL City Gallery is not really a museum as such but it is a great place to buy some genuine made-in-Malaysia souvenirs and an opportunity to see inside one of KL's top heritage buildings. Recommend a visit here.

Opening Hours and Admission Charges

The Gallery is open daily from 9am to 6.30pm.
Admission is FREE!"

Depan KL Galeri

Banyak souvenior cantik-cantik kat dalam KL galeri nie...selama nie tak pernah pun masuk ....

nie model  KL waktu malam.....ada satu lagi bangunan tertinggi sedang di bina.....
Dari KL galeri kami ke Muzium Tekstil pula...
Info mengenainya
"The National Textile Museum showcases the origins, development and techniques of local textiles and the role they have had in the rich and diverse heritage of Malaysia.
It is housed in a beautiful old heritage building on Merdeka Square in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's main tourist area. The Mughal style building was designed by AB Hubback (who designed so many of the city's most famous landmarks) and was completed in 1905 as headquarters for the Federated Malay States Railways. In 1917 the building was subsequently handed over to the Selangor Public Works department and over the following decades it served as premises for the Selangor Water Department, the Central Bank, Agricultural Bank, Malaysian Craft and the High Court before being refurbished as a museum. The National Textile Museum opened to the public in 2010. It was gazetted as a historical building in 1983."

Opening Hours
Open Daily 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Closed on the first day of Eid Al Fitr and the first day of Eid Al Adha.

Admission Charges



National Textile Museum
26 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
50500 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03 2694 3457/3461 Fax: 03 2494 3466

Sambil jalan-jalan di Dataran Merdeka, boleh juga singgah di sini

Cara-cara menenun dan menekap batek di pamerkan

Nie pula...aksesori pakaian masyarakat melayu

Melalui depan Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad......
"The Sultan Abdul Samad Building"
Built between 1894 and 1897, it is the first example of Moghul architecture in Malaysia and features a 41-metre high clock tower, arched colonnades and copper domes. Before serving as the office for the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture, it used to be an administrative office, a High Court and a Supreme Court."

Gambar k mid di depan Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad..siap buat cara menyambut tetamu...........

Kemudian ke Panggung Bandaraya...
Completed in 1904, the Panggung Bandaraya was built to host productions such as musicals, plays and opera. It is located near the Jamek mosque as well as 2 min walk to the Independence Square. Although not as magnificent as the Istana Budaya, it is the oldest theatre in Kuala Lumpur."

Panggung Bandaraya
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
50100 Kuala Lumpur


Seni jugak rekabentuk dia.......Syiling berbentuk Wau Bulan..cantik

Tempat di mana pementesan teater diadakan

 Seterusnya melintas jalan.......di sebelah Royal Selangor Club...rupanya ada sebuah Cathedral Bersejarah iaitu St.Mary's Cathedral.

"The Cathedral of St Mary (built in 1895)
This is the first brick church in the Federated Malay States and it is also one of the oldest Anglican churches in the region. It was rebuilt in its English Gothic style after a fire in 1922. The church's pipe organ is a masterpiece from 1895 built by one of the greatest organ makers in the world, Henry Willis - and it still works!".

Address and Contact of St Mary's Cathedral

St Marys Anglican Cathedral

Jalan Raja (Dataran Merdeka), 50050 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3 2692 8672 , 26945470
Fax: +60 3 2693 7821

Dihadapan St.Mary's Cathedral

Tak pernah2 masuk cathedral ...hari nie melawatlah pulak........
nielah keadaan di dalam nya

Last sekali ...Royal Selangor Club...
Sedikit info tentang Selangor Club :
"Royal Selangor Club or The Dog (built in 1884)
The Royal Selangor Club was established as an exclusive club for the growing expatriate community back in the day but has since been open to Malaysian membership as well. Its Mock Tudor stylings fronting an expanse of well-trimmed green lawn harks back to its English beginnings and is a refreshing change from the modern skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur. Tourists registered under this heritage tour have the exclusive privilege of entering the premises for refreshments at the "Long Bar" as they imagine what it was like to witness a live and thrilling rugby or cricket match at the Padang!".

Banyak sejarah di Royal Selangor Club nie...

Keratan-keratan suratkhabar mengenai Royal Selangor Club

Kak mid...apa lagi ambik peluang merayau dan posing2 .......
Sebenarnya banyak tempat-tempat menarik di Kuala Lumpur....bila dah nak jadi TG nie...barulah tahu...
Kita kena bangga dengan negara kita dan jangan biar anasir-anasir jahat yang merosakkan keamanan dan kehormanian kita.  Sama-sama kita mempromosi Malaysia Di mata dunia


With Love

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